Cal Salvadó Torres is in the region of La Noguera, ideal to enjoy the landscape and nature. In La Noguera are two different areas: one formed by the Montsec with peaks reaching 1,600 meters high and a flat area formed of farmland, for all kind of tastes.

The Montsec is filled of forests of oak and pine trees, wich favor the appearance of edible mushrooms in autumn. There you can also enjoy an amazing wildlife, a great ornithological life and both aquatic and mammalian. To highlight, the blue-green water that runs through the Montsec reposing in the form of reservoirs giving a sense of peace and tranquility. It is a perfect setting for trekking and outdoor activities.

In the region of La Noguera there are a lot of caves with prehistoric rock art, it was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At Os de Balaguer, 19 minutes from the house, we can enjoy the “Cova dels Vilasos” or “dels Vilars” and his paintings.


Just 1 minute from “La Ràpita” there is Balaguer, known as the city of three cultures: Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Its historical and cultural heritage is very rich and varied, highlighting the Catholic church of Santa Maria, Sant Domènec’s church, the Mercadal square or the old disctrict and the forts.

Among its festivitys, also it highlights the Transsegre party, when he concludes a career of rafts by Segre river that comes to town and ends with a night party.

14 minutes from the house, is Camarasa in the Montsec. There we find the Natural Reserve of Wild Fauna Sant Llorenç de Montgai. It’s an amazing landscape for nature lovers. It has trekking trails, endless walls for climbing lovers and the lake, perfect for lovers of water activities. If you like nature and climbing, you’ll like Àger too, just 32 minutes from the house.

We are 27 minutes from Lleida. Capital of the province in which you will find all kinds of commerce, also monuments and museums. Highlights the “Seu Vella“, icon of the city, and the Mitjana Park. Next to Lleida, we also have Alguaire’s airport.

In 1 hour and 40 minutes, we are in Barcelona, cosmopolitan city with a lot of transport connections (airport, port and train).

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